SavRot for Wave Energy Conversion to Electric Power


A revolutionary technique has been formulated that is capable of eclipsing existing and emerging alternatives for converting ocean wave energy to electrical power.  The basic “SavRot” technology first was considered for wind energy conversion (U.S. Patent No. 8,446,033 issued in 2013).  The method for kinetic wave energy conversion in shallow water is set forth in U.S. Patent No. 9,309,861 B1 issued on April 12, 2016.  SavRot technology offers the prospect of drastically reducing the excessive burden of capital and operating costs that typifies other options for ocean wave energy conversion.

Compelling Issues

All existing forms of renewable energy are costly compared to energy from equipment fueled by hydrocarbons. Government subsidization to offset the cost differential has been a nettlesome political issue. Rising concern that mankind is adversely contributing to climate change has stimulated the flow of public funds, especially in the European market. Wind energy conversion has thrived, even as resistance has grown to land based systems. Growth of offshore wind farms has been rapid and extraordinarily expensive in the European region; miniscule in the United States.

Commercial extraction of energy from water movement, especially ocean surface waves, has remained insignificant despite extraordinary emphasis on system development during the past two decades.  The situation has been aggravated by emphasis on “deep” water siting of ocean wave energy conversion components that contributes to cost and complexity.  Capital investment in submarine cable for connection ashore, substantial moorings, and complex automated systems are major barriers.  Floating units are hazards to navigation and may become a threat adrift in the aftermath of a storm.  Options that trap wave energy closer to shore or transmit water ashore have thus far proven too costly or cumbersome.  SavRot turbines in the coastal environment offer a simplified and affordable alternative that can be implemented in the near-term.


SavRot technology captures kinetic energy by means of environmentally friendly electrical   power generation systems located in close proximity to the coastline.  The energy conversion assembly is mounted on a pedestal embedded in the seafloor.  The entire assembly offshore is submerged to avoid interference with small boats and recreation.  Multiple energy conversion units are arranged in arrays to coalesce electrical power cabled to a shoreside facility.  Power management and delivery functions are accomplished ashore. SavRot methodology enables predictable and reliable power production at a broad range of wave swept coastal sites.  Its unprecedented economy and adaptability to local conditions provide practical access to the untapped ocean wave energy resource.