Senior Participants in SavRot Development

Al Kirst, P.E.:    Electrical engineering, computer science; design and development of data acquisition systems, instrumentation, manned submersible and underwater acoustic systems; marine operations; program management; consultation in planning, analysis, scheduling;  SavRot co-inventor.

Claude Brancart:    Mechanical engineering and MBA; military submarine engineering; submersible engineering and operations; ship outfitting engineering and management for technical operations; design and production of special marine equipment;  Director of OTC;  SavRot co-inventor.

Denny Kirwan, Ph.D.:    Physical oceanographer; research and publication in ocean hydrodynamics, wave phenomena and exchange processes; professor; program officer for naval research.

Gerald Taylor:    Vocational training; welding metallurgy specialist; founder and CEO of welding service firms; owner and key participant of premier welding training company.

Dick Van Orden, RADM (Ret.):    Electrical engineering and MBA; engineering duty officer (electronics); specialized in R&D; final command was Office of Naval Research; subsequent executive position in medical research company and Director of Blue Sea Corporation.

Vince Gaul:    Chemical engineering; developed software tools for process control; implemented quality control and other procedures for refinery operations; project engineer for wide range of operations; senior technical management responsibilities of major refinery;  SavRot co-inventor.

Peter Wybro, Ph.D., P.E.:     Ocean and mechanical engineering; versed in fundamentals of shallow water wave hydrodynamics as related to SavRot; former owner of offshore engineering company; extensive management and technical experience in design, construction and operation of offshore and coastal systems; numerous patents and publications;  Director of Company.

Travis Short:    Business management degree; experience at all levels in ship building; demonstrated capability for innovation; owns shipyard suitable for delivery of SavRot; expanded international segment of business;  Director of Company.

Glen Phillips:   Specialist for business development; set up contacts for SavRot introduction in Panama; participant in plan for implementation and market expansion.

Derek King:    Electrical engineer with over 35 years of international experience in the specification, build and operation of electrical machine technologies.  Principal of Mega-Watt Consulting formed to provide technical and commercial design, build and operational support of generation systems. Previously General Manager and Key Account Director of Brush Turbogenerators Inc.

Brian Eccles:    Naval Architect with extensive engineering, management and construction experience in both the shipbuilding and Oil & Gas industries.  Significant background with coastal engineering projects which bear directly on the success of SavRot.  Long term contributor to Maritech International’s vessel design portfolio;  Director of Company.